ASIPP COVID-19 Update May 19, 2020

While we are still working on an extension of telephone only and telehealth services, we have not yet been provided a confirmation. However, we want to update our members to avoid any confusion. We were under the impression that June 6 was the end of it but we have now learned it is June 30. CMS MLN Matters

Since many of you have bee open now for a week or so, We hope that things are going well for you. We would like to once again share with you the toolkit we created to assist you in opening up your practice. Since the majority have been open for over a week now, I hope things are going well and everything. Please see the links for the toolkit and other helpful information in the links:  May 4 long letterMay 7 short letter.

Few members have received their payments, but the overwhelming majority have not. While HHS continues to tell  us that there is no problem, we are seeing a problem since no one is getting any deposits. They are saying that it may take 4 weeks from the Wednesday after your application was completed, which is 20 working days rather than what we thought in the past. We will keep you posted as we know more about it. Click here for more information on Payment Check Protection Program

We are pleased to announce a series of online webinar review courses to fulfill your board review and credentialing needs. Registration will be open this week with the schedules soon to follow:
      • Documentation, Billing, Coding, and Compliance - June 13-14
      • Controlled Substance Management - June  27-28
      • ASIPP Comprehensive Review Course in Pain Medicine and Interventional Pain Management July 17 -18 and July 24-26 
      • Note* This course take place over two weekends (Friday evening through Sunday) in order to fulfill the necessary topics)

      Lastly, there is free MAT Waiver training tomorrow by zoom (9am to 5pm).  Normally requires an in person component (at least 4 hours) and a fee. If you are interested in this, click on the following link: